Searching StatLib

This is a first attempt at indexing parts of StatLib. The StatLib Index database just contains all index files for each of the StatLib collections. To search for, say, integration, just enter the word into the search box and press Submit Query. In return you will be presented with the list of index files that contain that string. To actually find the string within the index file you will need to click on the name of the index file and then use your browsers local search function (Find in Netscape) to find occurances of the string on the displayed page. This is not perfect, but I do not know how to do anything better.

I have NOT indexed all the the material in StatLib, only the index files. Indexing everything would probably not be very useful as it would result in lots of spurious hits. Some of the individual StatLib collections might also contain their own search functions. At the moment, the archive of the annual joint statistical meetings (joint94, joint95) can be searched using a different search engine, and the archives of the S-news mailing list can be searched using the new method.

This is still an experiment. In the future I might need to modify the details, or completely turn off the service.

Here are pointers to the two new databases.

StatLib Index Database
S-news Database

Credit where credit is due

If you use an algorithm, dataset, or other information from StatLib, please acknowledge both StatLib and the original contributor of the material.