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David Brillinger, Brani Vidakovic, Pedro Morettin and me (the young one)
Campos do Jordão, Brazil, June, 2007.

David S. Stoffer (aka the dude) is a Professor in the Department of Statistics (where the dude abides). He also has a courtesy appointment in the Department of Biostatistics. This all takes place at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mailing address:
   David S. Stoffer
   Department of Statistics
   University of Pittsburgh
   Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: [412] 624-8496
Fax: [412] 648-8814


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The Present-Day Composer Refuses to Die

Who's R. Crumb and who's this Mr. Natural guy anyway?

Some Papers

Website for the 2nd edition of Shumway & Stoffer

How to Build (La)TeX for FREE on Your PC

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Journal of Forecasting - Information

Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics - Information

Class Stuff & The Meaning of Life

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In This Issue

... while you make pretty speeches
... i'm being cut to shreds

... the benefits of the discovery channel alarms and no surprises, please
... wow!

The Present-Day Composer Refuses to Die


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