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DR-DOS 7.02 Updates: BETA files

Installation Instructions

Before copying the files it is advisable to create a bootable floppy with the current 
kernel files saved, in case the new files fail to boot your computer. To do this, boot 
your computer to DR-DOS and run FORMAT /S A:, ensuring that you place a blank disk in 
drive A:. 

The files need to be copied to specific directories as described below: 

NETA.OVL and NETU.OVL files need to be copied to your NWCLIENT directory. 

The file COMMAND.COM should be copied to the DRDOS directory if you are dual booting with 
Windows 95/98, otherwise it should be copied to the root directory of drive C:. The files 
IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM need to be copied to the root directory of drive C:. To do this 
you will need to modify the attributes of the existing two files as follows : 


Copy the two new files to the root of C: and then restore their attributes as follows: 


All the other files should be copied to the DRDOS directory on your hard drive. It is 
advisable to backup the current contents of this directory in case you have any problems 
with these new files.