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Tukaani is a project with multiple goals. The main goal is to make a Slackware-based Linux distribution that fits on one CD-ROM. But because we know that only few people are nowadays interested in "new" Linux distributions, we try our best that our work would benefit users of more common distributions, especially the users of Slackware® Linux.

Latest news

2007-08-12 LZMA Utils public alpha release

The first public alpha version of the new LZMA Utils branch was released today. It's still early alpha quality: several features are missing and many things don't work as expected yet. But there are enough working things to let people to give it a bit more testing.

Developers may be interested to skim the API of liblzma and possibly start implementing LZMA support into their applications. liblzma is not yet API nor ABI stable, but there shouldn't be any too huge changes to be done, so updating the applications once the API is final shouldn't need much work.

There's now a discussion forum on SourceForge.net for LZMA Utils. If enough people prefer e.g. mailing list more, we can switch from forums to mailing list then. But let's first try with the forum. Also, you are still welcome to use IRC or email if you like; see the contact page for details.

2007-06-15 Good and bad news

First the good news: Development of LZMA Utils is still going on. Most snails are faster than Larhzu, but that doesn't mean that he's not moving. If you have time, please read and give feedback about new .lzma file format specification draft.

Bad news is that Tukaani's distro part is now officially dead. There may be new packs now and then still, but that doesn't mean that the distro would be maintained. The reason is simply that people don't have enough time.

It's possible that there will be a new distro under Tukaani project. Larhzu is still interested in distro work, and has some ideas he would like to try out. The new distro wouldn't be based on any other distro; it would be made from scratch. One important thing would be lighter maintaining; the old Tukaani takes too much resources. It won't happen soon though, because things like LZMA Utils and UniPKG must be finished first.

There probably will be one more pkgtools release. There are some changes pending that are worth finishing.

2007-05-08 New main FTP mirror

The primary FTP server of Tukaani's files is now ftp.tukaani.org. Please update your bookmarks (yeah, we know, pkgtool needs a fix too). tukaani.org without the ftp-prefix continues to host the website.

tukbuild 2.38 is out. It has important fix, which fixes stripping of setuid and setgid binaries.

2007-01-10 Some updates

pkgtools tukaani_1.2.4 and tukbuild 2.29 were released.

It is unknown when the next major release of LZMA Utils will be available. The design of the new .lzma file format is still not finished; it needs to be finished before the next major release of LZMA Utils.