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   You're reading it.

   Information about zsh ftp sites, web sites, and mailing lists.

   The zsh Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

   PGP keys of some major Zsh developers.

   MD5 checksums of each file.

Source Code

Files exist in versions compressed with gzip (.gz) and with bzip2 (.bz2).

zsh.tar.gz, zsh.tar.bz2
   Latest production release of zsh.  Includes the source files of all

zsh-beta.tar.gz, zsh-beta.tar.bz2
   The current development version of zsh.  Not guaranteed to be stable.

zsh-*.tar.gz,m zsh-*.tar.bz2
   Specific zsh versions.  If you just want the latest zsh then use
   zsh.tar.gz or zsh-beta.tar.gz or the .bz2 equivalents.

zsh-*-*.diff.gz, zsh-*-*.diff.bz2
   Context diffs between releases.  Note that if you use this for
   upgrading and you do not have the latest version of GNU autoconf
   installed on your system you have to touch and configure
   in the main directory after applying the patches otherwise make will
   think that these files are not up-to-date and will try to remake them.
   Do not forget to specify the -p0 flag to patch.  Without -p0 new
   files will be created in the current directory.

   Older zsh versions.  Of historical interest only.

development/zsh-*.tar.gz, development/zsh-*.tar.bz2
   The latest development version of zsh, usually only a week or two old.
   You are welcome to try this --- and in particular if you wish to report
   a bug, it is a very good idea to check whether it occurs in this version
   first --- but it is likely to be less stable than the last official release.

You don't need these files if you have all the necessary tools for creating
them from the source distribution (`make everything' in the Doc

zsh-doc.tar.gz, zsh-doc.tar.bz2
   Pre-built Postscript, Info, DVI and HTML versions of the documentation
   contained in the stable zsh distribution zsh.tar.gz.

zsh-beta-doc.tar.gz, zsh-beta-doc.tar.bz2
   Pre-built Postscript, Info, DVI and HTML versions of the documentation
   contained in the beta zsh distribution zsh-beta.tar.gz.  Only present
   if there has been a beta release since the last stable release of the

zsh-*-doc.tar.gz, zsh-*-doc.tar.bz2
   Pre-built documentation for specific zsh versions.