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GNU vmslib -- Helps people port GNU software to VMS.

GNU vmslib is a bunch of files and small routines that can help people to 
port GNU programs to VMS.  It consists of a C function library, with routines 
that are missing in the current system C libraries that have been seen so far, 
maybe with the exception of GNU libc.  In GNU vmslib, there are also a bunch 
of scripts (in VMS terminology, they are called `command procedures')
which help a lot in writing makefiles, and other scripts.  There is more,
please read the README file in each directory for further instruction.

GNU vmslib is different from the packages you usually use by not really being a
program that you can use in itself.  Rather, you will tend to copy a few,
or maybe all of the files to whatever other GNU program you wish to port.
There is one program (really a script) that can be used directly, and that
is  It is a command procedure that takes an input file
and generates a makefile, which you can use to automagically copy the right
files to the right other GNU packages.

Mail suggestions and bug reports for GNU vmslib to  
If that doesn't work, try instead.  Please include
the GNU vmslib version number, which you can get by looking in the file 
VERSION, along with the version of VMS you are using.

This directory is the ftp directory for GNU vmslib.  The address you likely
followed was  The directory structure is currently:

          |-1996/ -- The original last known sourcecode as written by Richard 
          |          Levitte and Roland B. Roberts.  The GNU package is 
          |          untouched and exists as last packaged by Richard Levitte.
          |-v1.0/ -- The first release of GNU vmslib licensed under GPLv3 and 
                     with documentation.  Code fixes are planned in this
                     release and shall commence from v1.0.1 onward.


Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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