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This is the home archive for MacAnova, an interactive program for
statistical analysis and matrix algebra.  It was developed and is being
maintained by Gary Oehlert ( and Christopher Bingham
( in the School of Statistics, University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A mirror archive is being maintained at statlib (
Changes and new releases should be available there within 24 hours.

The entry point to the MacAnova web site is

Executable versions of MacAnova are available for Windows, DOS,
Macintosh and Linux.  Full source is also available for porting to other
platforms.  It is distributed under the GNU Public License (see file

In this archive:
  release_history.txt  History of past and current releases
  macanova.faq         Frequently asked questions about MacAnova
  aux_files/           Macro libraries, help files, data files, etc.
  docs/                Documentation files.  Intro.pdf is An
                       Introduction to MacAnova, a primer for novices;
                       referenc.pdf is the MacAnova Reference Manual, a
                       remormatted form of most of the information in
                       the help files; htmlhelp.sea.Hqx,
                       and htmlhelp.tar.gz are archive files of the help
                       information in HTML form; docs.tar.gz is an
                       archive file of all the documentation files.
  docs/data            A few data files used in examples in An
                       Introduction to MacAnova
  docs/manual/         Chapters and Appendices of MacAnova Users' Guide,
                       in Acrobat format (PDF)
  dos/                 Files specific to the Windows and DOS versions,
                       including an installer with script and
                       self-extracting archives containing executable
                       and auxiliary files
  dos/future           May contain pre-release versions of Windows and/or
                       DOS versions
  mac/                 Files specific to Macintosh versions, including
                       BinHexed self-extracting archives containing
                       executable (for PPC and 68K) and auxiliary files.
  mac/future           May contain pre-release versions of Macintosh
  linux/               RPM files for installing executable, auxiliary and
                       documentation files in Linux
  src/                 gzipped tar files of source and auxiliary files as
                       well as Julian Smart's WxWin system.
  src/testfiles        Test files based on MacAnova commands in the Users'
                       Guide, together with output
  userfun/             Files related to user functions (externally compiled
                       routines callable by MacAnova); subdirectories dos
                       and mac have project sample project files for
                       Borland 4.5 and Code Warrior 8.
  OLD/                 Previous versions of executables, source, and
                       auxiliary files

January 18, 2002