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         N I S T   C O R E   M A T H   L I B R A R Y   ( C M L I B )
                    ( Version 3.0  ---  April 1988 )
    A  collection  of  non-proprietary,   easily   transportable   Fortran
    subprogram packages solving a variety of mathematical and  statistical
         Compiled by   Ronald F. Boisvert
                       Sally E. Howe
                       David K. Kahaner
                       Center for Computing and Applied Mathematics
                       National Institute of Standards and Technology
                       Gaithersburg, MD 20899
    Although most applications will only  use  a  small  number  of  CMLIB
    modules, there are no name conflicts within the library and  thus  all
    of CMLIB can easily be installed. All  the  documentation  is  machine
    readable.  For a summary of its contents see ./doc/Summary.
   +                                                                        +
   +  DISCLAIMER                                                            +
   +                                                                        +
   +  Inclusion of computer programs in the NIST Core Math Library (CMLIB)  +
   +  does not imply certification, recommendation, or endorsement by the   +
   +  National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply     +
   +  that the programs are necessarily the best available for the purpose. +
   +                                                                        +

  Library files

  Several versions of the library are maintained:

    Compiled with -f68881 : cmlib.a    
    Compiled with -ffpa   : cmlib_fpa.a

  Both libraries are also compiled with the -O option.  Several portions
  were compiled with -P or with neither when optimization lead to errors in
  test software.

  Making CMLIB

  A makefile is provided for updating CMLIB.  It is sensitive to changes in
  the source subdirectories.

  To initially install CMLIB:

    1. edit Makefile to adjust LIBDIR, MANDIR, and BINDIR, if necessary
    2. make  (makes f68881 version plus documentation retrieval scripts;
              this takes quite a while, at least 4 hours)
    3. make cmlib_fpa (if fpa library needed; this takes quite a while too)
    5. make install (installs f68881 library, documentation retrieval
                     scripts, and man page)
    6. make install_fpa (if fpa library needed)

  If the files libcm.a and libcmfpa.a already exist in this directory,
  then you may skip steps 2 and 3.

  To force the make of a single sublibrary one should use the shell
  script named ./scripts/recompile.

  Status of CMLIB

  Several CMLIB quicktest programs fail on the Sun:
   odrpack  fails to achieve expected error tolerance in single precision
   splp     fails; passes if source for splp is collected in a file, 
            compiled with -O and main compiled with no optimization

  Associated shell scripts

  The following shell scripts are available in the script subdirectory

    cmdoc LIST    : retrieves documentation on subprograms in LIST
    cmdoc -s NAME : retrieves summary documentation on sublibrary NAME
    cmdoc -s      : retrieves summary documentation on CMLIB
    cmsrc LIST    : retrieves source for subprograms in LIST
    cmsrcx LIST   : retrieves source for subprograms in LIST plus all their
                    external references within CMLIB

  All output is written to standard output.  Some examples follow:

    cmdoc -s fcnpak | more        : scan summary documentation for fcnpak
    cmsrc sgefa sgesl > srcfil    : put source for sgefa and sgesl in srcfil

  File organization

  ./src/SUBLIBRARY/*.f         source files for SUBLIBRARY
  ./test/SUBLIBRARY.f          test program for SUBLIBRARY
  ./doc/summary                summary documentation for CMLIB
  ./doc/SUBLIBRARY/summary     summary documentation for SUBLIBRARY
  ./68881/SUBLIBRARY           indicates when SUBLIBRARY was compiled
  ./fpa/SUBLIBRARY             indicates when SUBLIBRARY was compiled