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[DIR] Parent Directory 17-Jun-2019 22:51 - [TXT] typical.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 31.0M [DIR] components/ 17-Jun-2019 22:54 - [TXT] arch-s390x.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 19.6M [TXT] arch-ppc64el.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 19.8M [TXT] arch-mipsel.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 19.7M [TXT] arch-mips64el.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 19.8M [TXT] arch-mips.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 19.6M [TXT] arch-i386.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 23.1M [TXT] arch-armhf.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 22.4M [TXT] arch-armel.files 17-Jun-2019 22:54 21.6M [TXT] arch-arm64.files 17-Jun-2019 22:53 20.4M [TXT] arch-amd64.files 17-Jun-2019 22:53 23.2M


./arch-ARCH.files   -- list of files to mirror for a single-arch mirror
./typical.files     -- list of files to mirror for a "typical" Debian mirror

./components        -- files lists to build up customised mirrors

    arch-ARCH.list.gz    -- files specific to a given architecture (deb, Packages)
    suite-SUITE.list.gz  -- files needed for a complete mirror of a given suite
    source.list.gz       -- all sources

    docs.list            -- other files on the ftp site